About us

Bandstahl Schulte & Co. GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of cold-rolled steel strip.
We are the only company in our market to operate a cold rolling mill with an integrated steel service center. This means that we can provide our customers with almost all steel strip products from a single source.

You can say a lot, but you should only do one thing: what you can.

For us, this is the high-quality production and processing of steel strip - in all desired designs.
As a family company with a commitment to the location and region, we can look back on over 60 years of history, characterized by growth and modernization.

We face the challenges of the future with confidence and commitment from all employees..

bandstahl walzmaschiene
Bandstahlrollen Lagerhalle

The wishes of our customers determine our actions - yesterday and today.

And we confidently claim that we are the right size to perform demanding tasks. But are also flexible enough to be able to realize individual requirements.

Against the background of growing demands, we do not react but act. With consideration, expertise, in the interests of our customers.
 Because only those who keep moving, keep an eye on the markets and produce high quality in efficient production processes,
will master the future.

We invest in the knowledge of our employees as well as in technologically optimized production methods,
taking into account all requirements of a sustainable environmental management.